The fastest way to grow your business with WaaBay Multi-Merchant Core 3.0 Check out our options and features included.

Multi-Merchant Core 3.0 is the #1 Selling marketplace module on OpenCart Marketplace

Trusted by over 25,000 satisfied users, Multi-Merchant 3.0 became the best-selling marketplace module
in the of one of the world's largest MarketPlace.

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Customer Support

We provided unlimited technical support to module fault. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We always listen to customers.

Seller Dashboard

Ease of navigation. Inherit OpenCart simplify, informative and beautiful dasboard design interface UI. Easy to learn and use !


Easily demonstrate own designed creativity by adding slideshow and banner to create unique attractive landing page.

Languages and Currencies

Available more than 200 countries , support up to 25 currencies and ease of multiple languages translation model.


Support unlimited seller accounts and products, various types of commission and major marketplace payment gateway.


The modules support unlimited third party custom themes. It work wth popular theme such as Journal theme, Revo theme and etc.


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Exclusive Landing Page

The Multi-Merchant Core 3.0 feature allows for a merchant landing page with an SEO-friendly name, making it easier for major search engines to find the website and increase revenue. The user-friendly interface and streamlined navigation of the landing page attract and retain customers. Additionally, creative plugins can be easily added to enhance the landing page...

The Merchant Logo & Merchant Logo Ex plugins also provide features such as merchant categories, a search function within the shop, merchant banners, and slideshows to further engage customers and keep them on the website longer.

Major Payment Gateway Supported

By using a dominant marketplace payment gateway, your website will be able to accept payments from almost any country. You can easily choose your payment gateway and onboard sub-merchants on the fly, allowing them to start accepting payments at the point of customer checkout immediately.

With Payment Stripe & Wepay, sub-merchants can be easily onboarded on the fly at the merchant dashboard. The process has been streamlined with a sophisticated algorithm to simplify the user experience and professional artwork.

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We're not the only ones excited happy about Multi-Merchant Core 3.0 ...

25,000+ customers in more than 100 countries use Multi-Merchant Core 3.0.