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Smart Delivery TimeSlot Planner Smart Delivery TimeSlot Planner
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Model: OCTMGPL3 SKU: Modules
DescriptionThis contribute SMART DELIVERY TIMESLOT PLANNER as Opencart plugin to allow store admin to easy management their delivery date and time slot each day. In addition, the system also integrated with Google Map API to automatically help you plan your best route daily for better time managem..
Booking Lite System Booking Lite System
Model: BL080320 SKU: Modules
DescriptionThis is a booking lite system. It allow admin to list their property at the system for renting purpose. It is very suitable for apartment renting, condominium, hotel, home stay and etc.  The system come with booking form feature to allow admin to add booking internally for walk-in re..
Payment Manager Payment Manager
Model: OCPMGR23X SKU: Modules
DescriptionThis contribute Payment Manager as Opencart plugin to enable OpenCart store to control payment gateway availability base on detected IP address. This plugin detect the country base on IP address thus system can have better control on payment gateway.Moreover, it help avoid unnecessary los..
Stripe ( Dynamic 3D Secure / SCA Ready ) Stripe ( Dynamic 3D Secure / SCA Ready )
Model: OCSTRP831 SKU: Payment Gateway
DescriptionThe payment gateway allow you to receive credit card payment through The plug-in was designed using stripe elements which come with beautiful UI and smart checkout flow. The new checkout and the Payment Intents API natively support 3D Secure and trigger it automatically if req..
Customer File Upload Customer File Upload
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Model: OCFU612 SKU: Modules
Description This contribute CUSTOMER FILES UPLOAD as OpenCart plugin to add file upload to customer register form and better product file upload GUI to OpenCart. FeaturesFamous Blueimp User InterfaceFile upload progress barImage Preview AvailabilityFile Drag & Drop SupportSupport email attac..
Booking Marketplace System Booking Marketplace System
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Model: HBSWB3 SKU: Marketplace
DescriptionThis is a booking marketplace system. It allow host to list their property at the system for renting purpose. It is very suitable for apartment renting, condominium, hotel, home stay and etc. The admin will earn the minimum commission as a rewards upon the successful transaction. This is ..
Multi Merchant / DropShipper Module Core 3.0 Multi Merchant / DropShipper Module Core 3.0
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Model: MMDS30 SKU: Marketplace
PurposeThis contribute Multi-Merchant/Drop Shipper Core 3.0 module to extend OpenCart 2.x/3.x capability to convert the existing online store to Multi-Merchant capable online store. That created opportunity to allow SME to sell the products through online store without necessary to purchase expensiv..
$139.90 $199.00
Multi Merchant / Dropshipper Payment Stripe 3.0 Multi Merchant / Dropshipper Payment Stripe 3.0
Model: MMPS30 SKU: Marketplace
DescriptionThe extension is coded to use for Multi-Merchant/Dropshipper Core 3.0 marketplace created by It allows WaaBay Multi-Merchant 3.0 to accept credit card payments online securely. The extension created a convenient way to allow merchant to signup stripe account easily through mer..
Model: GRPD30 SKU: Modules
DescriptionThe module added function to OpenCart store to make your store compliance with General Data Protection Regulation. FeaturesData Rectification LinksData Portability / Data export in CSV FormatsPersonal Data Report ViewGDPR Request ExportRight to be forgotten or Delete account and your pers..
Model: MMSLF30 SKU: Marketplace
DescriptionThis contribute Multi Merchant/Dropshipper Shipping Location Filter as multi-Merchant core 3.0 extension designed by The extension allowed customer to filter the products according to preferred nearest shipping location. This can let customer to save shipping fees and reduce t..
Multi Merchant / Dropshipper Merchant Logo EX 3.0 Multi Merchant / Dropshipper Merchant Logo EX 3.0
Model: MMLEX30 SKU: Marketplace
DescriptionThe module is an add-on for Multi-merchant/dropshipper Core 3.0 created by to allow merchant/seller to have more personal landing page. It allow seller to create store category, filter and search function in the landing page. This allowed customer easily browse through the merc..
Multi-Merchant 3.0 Split Cart Multi-Merchant 3.0 Split Cart
Model: MMC3SPC SKU: Marketplace
DescriptionThe extension added function to Multi-Merchant Core 3.0 to enable it split checkout for each merchant products at one time. The split cart build with mechanism to show customer each merchant products with total amount at split cart user interface. Customer can choose the merchant they wan..
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